About the Thinker


This is me at the Garden of the Gods in Colorado

Aw man.  I hate writing about myself, so here goes nothing.

Welcome to my blog!  I am glad you stopped by to take a look.  I am coming to a point in my life where my day-to-day activities are becoming quite routine.  To prevent the routine from becoming the mundane, I am starting a blog to find creative ways to tell simple, but funny stories.  I promise to remain true to the facts…for the most part.

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While I really enjoyed all of the classes I had to take to get my Bachelor’s degree in English, the degree has made getting a job a little difficult.  So, I just finished up my Master’s degree in Integrated Marketing Communications at West Virginia University.  The program is all online, so I am a Mountaineer living in the DMV area.  For those of you who aren’t familiar, that’s the DC, Maryland, Virginia area.  I’ve blogged before, but I hope that this blog will be a little more focused and will thereby present me with an opportunity to keep up on my creative writing skills.

As for my other interests: I am a very outdoorsy person, so you may notice a theme.  I love skiing and pursued my dream to move to Colorado.  I played soccer throughout my youth and now enjoy sharing that passion as a recreational coach.  I have a rescued, yellow lab named Miranda (or familiarly, Mir) who loves accompanying me on walks, hikes, and camping trips.  I have an enormous family.  Combined, I have about 50 cousins and 30 aunts and uncles.  They are all fabulous.

I hope you find some things you like on this page and share it with your friends and family.  Thanks for checking out my page!!

Gold medal

Awaiting on my gold medal in awesomeness at the US Olympic Training Center

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